My Design Game Changer

If you’re like me, then you probably have oodles of old picture frames from different “seasons” of your life. I went through a black frame phase, then white, and now I find myself really loving the look of gold frames. Instead of buying entirely new frames in my favorite color, I realized that spray paint would easily give me the look I want without the expense of changing styles.

There are many different shades of gold on the market. I tried six brands before I found my perfect gold. If you haven’t met this brand/color, allow me the pleasure of introducing you to Montana Gold, aka “The Game Changer.” This gold shade is called GoldChrome. The quality of this spray paint is superb and they offer a wide variety of colors.


Spray painting frames is an easy DIY project. Simply remove the glass, sit frame on a protective surface, make sure the frame is clean, and spray. I applied two coats per frame to ensure complete coverage.


And as easy as that, I’ve officially entered my “gold phase” of picture frames. (I joke that my grandchildren will scrape off layers of paint to determine which phase I was in at a particular time of my life.)


Now I look at everything decor with a new set of eyes. When I’m thrifting or looking around my house, I am able to envision a repurposed life for so many objects.


I’d love to know your favorite spray paint brands and colors or what you’ve discovered as your special “game changer.”

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