Pink ‘Lil Fairy Door

Just as some homes make you feel sad when walk inside (and often have “ghost” stories associated with them), other homes leave you feeling happy and embraced by love. Our new home is definitely most like the latter and I have received sweet letters from the granddaughters of previous owners confirming this feeling. I felt this positive energy the first time I viewed this house – I could almost hear children giggling and the piano playing for a festive holiday party, and smell the delicious feasts wafting from the kitchen. Yes, this house was built on love and the inhabitants most definitely cherished family and celebrated life. This is a ‘magical’ home.

My daughter received the perfect “room warming” gift for her new magical room – a pink ‘Lil Fairy Door. You attach it to the wall and invite fairies into your home. These little fairies only appear at night and sometimes leave letters, sprinkle fairy dust, and leave gifts behind for the child. Katherine loves her fairy door and I love the excitement and magic it creates.


I bet these fairies even like to decorate their door at Christmas and take part in all the festivities! (There are many cute ideas on Pinterest to try and some I will create myself over the years.)


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