DIY Vanity

While older homes offer an abundance of charm, the bathrooms often lack ample storage. Fortunately, our new master bedroom has a dressing room, which I claimed immediately as the perfect place for what my daughter calls my “makeup room.”


Rather than buying a new vanity, I decided to repurpose an old desk and mirror with some chalk paint I already had at home. This project was so easy and only took a few hours to complete.



The only expense for this project was the new hardware from Anthropologie (I still need to drill new holes to complete).


This room is my space where I do my hair and make-up, write letters, and go over my calendar. I feel most comfortable when I am surrounded by the things I love most – family photographs, special notes from my husband, a nice candle, flowers, and art.




3 thoughts on “DIY Vanity

      1. The jockey prints are very nice. I saw one at the Keeneland gift shop for a not-cheap price recently.


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