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A Kentucky Victorian Christmas

I have so many wonderful memories from my friend’s family home – from birthday parties, Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, my baby shower, or just sipping coffee and talking for hours. And, no matter the season, it is simply stunning and reflects a history passed down from multiple generations, yet organically evolving and changing with each new owner. My friend’s mom moved into the home when she got married and has remodeled and perfected the interior for decades. As you will see from this special Christmas tour,  she is a very artistic woman with exquisite taste.



A star of the holiday decorations (wait until you see the Christmas tree!) is her gorgeous chandelier that glistens with pink, gold, and crystal ornaments.





Basking in the warm glow of the dining room walls, guests are enveloped by magical golden decorations from every single angle.




The magnificent Christmas tree is the true star of the home as its commanding presence takes center stage in the room fondly referred to as “the party room,” by the youngest generation. Songs and memories of soirees from Christmases past can almost be heard from the piano as the fragrant smell of evergreen wafts through the air.








It would be impossible to capture all of the beautiful details and spirit of this home. Around every corner is something more magical and beautiful as the last vision.




The delicious food I have eaten in this home is deserving of an entirely different post, but since it’s Christmas, I have to add that the best egg nog ever made is concocted inside these walls.They say that to be perfect, or as it was intended, it should require a spoon – otherwise it isn’t thick enough. In this home a spoon is certainly served with each delicious glass.


I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I am so thankful to have you following along. See you in 2016!




One thought on “A Kentucky Victorian Christmas

  1. One of my favorite places on Earth…especially at Christmas time! Your pictures definitely bring out the feel of the house, Glenda. Beautiful!


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