The decision to sell our last home was a tough one. When I was pregnant with my daughter (four years ago) we did a whole house remodel that lasted my entire pregnancy. We lived in our bedroom and used our bathroom as a kitchen. It was not an easy process, but we knew that if we didn’t do it before the baby came then we’d likely have to postpone the renovation for several years. In the end, it was worth it. Not only did I learn all about remodeling a home, but I got to work with an amazing kitchen and bath designer whom I plan on hiring for our new kitchen remodel (when the time comes).

Past home kitchen remodel

Although our old home was located in a serene setting of Iroquois Hunt Country in Central, Kentucky, and was beautifully remodeled, it just was not a good “fit” for our daughter’s handicap. And, given her disability, the house was a bit too much for our needs. So, we said goodbye to our “retreat” in the country with amazing views and hello to a new home in the city that is better suited for our family.





Truthfully, we could not be happier with our decision.

As I’ve mentioned before, our new home was love at first sight. We are still so amazed by the fact that we found a home we BOTH love so much. From the beginning we decided we wanted to sell everything we didn’t love from the previous house. This time we want to make deliberate choices, take our time, and buy pieces that are good quality and loved.


With the exception of books, china, photographs, kitchen tools, a few chairs, lamps, and a mattress on the floor, we begin a new chapter of our lives with a completely blank slate. I must say it makes me feel lighter than ever. The “stuff” that surrounds us now consists of the things we love the most and not just clutter filling a space. It is also a good reminder to try to keep it that way and make better choices about what I bring into our lives. Not an easy task, but I think I’m moving in the right direction.

The one exception is I did decorate my daughter’s room, which I will share with you soon. Moving is hard on everyone, but I especially wanted her to have a smooth transition and feel “settled” in “the new house.” I had to make many creative choices to downsize her “stuff” while maintaining a pretty room for her to grow into. Let’s face it, toys really aren’t pretty and the clutter they create is out of this world. That said, they are her things and she needs to have her own world to enjoy.

Fortunately, her room was already painted a beautiful coral pink (I do not know the name) with lovely cornflower blue tile in her bathroom, so I could get to work before we moved.



The kitchen was updated in the 1990s and is perfectly functional and cute; however, we plan to give it an update in a few years.


For now, we are settling into our new space and paying attention to the light, the rooms we use most depending on the season, the flow, etc. Paying attention to these things will allow us to make the best choices when the time comes to put our money into any renovations.